We use a number of reports to help keep our website's marketing campaigns on track. Each tile below contains a template, written guide and step by step guide on how to execute the report.

KW Targets

Keyword Rank Tracker

This report pulls keyword ranking data from SEM Rush and crosswalks it with organic traffic data from Google Analytics. This report lets you track keyword progress and track how those rankings are actually affecting your website's organic traffic.

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search reporting

Customizable SEO Report

This is the monthly reporting template we use for all of our agency clients. The report is built in Google Data Studio and pulls, aggregates and formats organic traffic data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEM Rush and our KW tracking report.

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new client analysis

New Client Data Analysis

We built this report to be run the first day of a new client SEO campaign. It's important to get a grasp on what's been happening with that website through data analysis - this is our process.

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